Monday, October 4, 2010


salam and hype!
today is monday and i hate monday!
the beginning of a fully load work day.
but today i feel really2 confuse and xsenang hati.
i dunno why,,but still need someone to talk to.
but what can i tell is,,
not everyone can understand my feeling rite nw as i'm also cnt understand what it is.
i think i shud go for a vacation,,
this is the time!i starting to hate everything!
but it's just a bad feeling!
i need to avoid it!
today is a tough day for myself!
bcuz i cant express my feelings!
i hate it!
i hate to keep it in heart!
Ya Allah, Ya Rahman Ya Rahim,,
KAU berikanlah ak petunjuk.
kuatkan hati dan semangat ak!

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