Monday, February 21, 2011

RCD Sports Fiesta !

salam and hai!
today, i still not feeling well because of my leg did swollen again and again ! it is like a must if i'm playing netball. But, i will upload the photos first, and the story will come out later. So sorry guys! still not in a happy mood. So, let's the pictures talk ;)

To be continued...
from left: ina, me and aini

with Kak Dayah

from left: Zana, Kak Dayah,  Kak Nata and me !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

chocolate moist

salam and hai to all;)

it's been very busy for this week!workloads and netball training.
tiba-tiba macam teringin sangat nak get something to eat!yang manis.yang sedap.yang dapat menghilangkan rasa stress dan penat. lately ni, memang stress sgttttt...because of too many accounts to attend in a short month. Tiba-tiba, I received an email from Kak Dayah (pemilik blog kain cotton yang cantik sangat2!) tanya, sapa2 yang nak order  kek chocolate moist! Lepas da tengak sample gambar, memang tertarik sangat! straightly order satu! the best part is, semalam order, hari ni dah dapat! balik je rumah. sampai je, terus rasa. memeang seeeeedaaapp la! takrugi beli! dahla murah! rm9.50 satu kek! memang berbaloi-baloi!

*by the way, tomorrow I have sport day event! Sport Day for Retail Collection Department ! good luck to everyone!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Training and Pain

Salam Maulidur Rasul untuk semua:)
today, its a holiday:D i just love having my day at house but today im gonna see my very long-lost friend, Farhanis at Times Square. But before that, i want to write something about my yesterday-after-working activity. I went for netball training as usual but it's raining at first. We wait until 6.30 pm then we start our training. I feel very uncomfortable coz' my jaws seems moving here and is painful!this is my first time i tighten my braces and for the first time i feel sooooooo pain!my colleague/team do ask me if i  can play or not. I'll be okay. No worries because netball is one of my favourite sport since i was in primary. I played for 5minute and i want to get   my braces check-up. it's too painful! I can't hold the pain anymore. I've been asked from my coach to stay rest outside the court. Too risky if im playing with this situation. Then, my coach and I have some talks about our strategy and she kept asking about my background, my family and many more. She did asked me whether i had any injuries during i join netball. I show her my left ankle and she seems so suprised. I told her it was my biggest injury. Actually it happened when i was in Form 2. its an old injury maybe but i just abandoned it until my final year at UKM. It happened when we had a friendly-match with other team. I slipped and i felt so pain at my ankle. I thought it just a minor-muscle-pain. but, that time, i'm wrong. It swollen and keep swollen! and i miss my final-year-netball match:( My coach said, if u have an injury, if u think that injury is the minor one, u r wrong. Supposedly i have to refer to sports doctor to check my ankle. and she advised me if i injured at the last minute, it is really waste for the team coz they have to find someone else to replace me. Then, my coach asked me what happened to my braces? i informed her that last sunday i went to tighten my braces and that was my first time. I cant bear the pain anymore! that's why i lost my focus on game. She ask me to rest coz' we have a game this coming saturday. I hope this pain will reduce a little bit . and i want to EAT! :(
*pray for me guys and SALAM MAULIDUR RASUL:)



Monday, February 14, 2011

braces and Love, Nora

salam and hye all!
malam ni i feel like im totally different!i have to forget how yummy was my dinner and lunch!i just ate crackers and have my coffee for the whole day.the dentist advise me to keep away from hardfoods if i want a very good outcome, i had to listen to him.he was an expertise to ortho and he knows what is good and what is not.untill now, i keep on drinking coffee and my NESVITA to fill up my stomach!this is terrible!i hope i can resist until i feel much better. i miss my whole set of dinner;( also, my Ring Fortune of Pizza:( oh!i still never have a taste of it!my friend said it taste good!i want it i want it!beauty is pain!cewaaahhh!hahaha.just forget about my braces and my pain of being hungry.lets move to Love, Nora;)

because of braces:D

Love, Nora
cast: Will Quah as Raul, Yasmin Hani as Nora and Liyana as Shila.
when i watched this drama, it remind me of P/S I Love You!but!it still interesting!my housemate and I sampai dah menitiskan air mata for the certain the way, credit to the actor/actress and the director!

i think enough for tonite.tomorrow i have to work and go to netball training after working hour.too tight for tomorrow.but i love to play netball rather to do my duty as the banker.hehehe.i hope, i fit already for the tournament on this more injured as before.goodnite everyone:D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

oh dentist!

i just came back from my dental clinic for ortho appoinment.
im really satisfied with the service there since im wearing braces and the staffs there are soooooooo helpful and nice!but today i just feel uncomfortable with my teeth.
it seems moving here and there and i cannot eat my fav food again:( later i'll upload my blue color teeth:D

uhuk uhuk!

salam everyone,,
its been a lonnnnnggggggg time i've didnt update this blog kan?
tatau la why im soooo lazy to update something!
lately been busy with twitter:D
so, i almost forgot that i had a blog.
nvm, my housemate miss fana always remind me!
she always said" Pls update something la!"
until now, she boring already to remind me.
and just kept silent.
but, im back!
so, im back with a new spirit and energy!
i want to re-edit my page to make it interesting!