Monday, February 14, 2011

braces and Love, Nora

salam and hye all!
malam ni i feel like im totally different!i have to forget how yummy was my dinner and lunch!i just ate crackers and have my coffee for the whole day.the dentist advise me to keep away from hardfoods if i want a very good outcome, i had to listen to him.he was an expertise to ortho and he knows what is good and what is not.untill now, i keep on drinking coffee and my NESVITA to fill up my stomach!this is terrible!i hope i can resist until i feel much better. i miss my whole set of dinner;( also, my Ring Fortune of Pizza:( oh!i still never have a taste of it!my friend said it taste good!i want it i want it!beauty is pain!cewaaahhh!hahaha.just forget about my braces and my pain of being hungry.lets move to Love, Nora;)

because of braces:D

Love, Nora
cast: Will Quah as Raul, Yasmin Hani as Nora and Liyana as Shila.
when i watched this drama, it remind me of P/S I Love You!but!it still interesting!my housemate and I sampai dah menitiskan air mata for the certain the way, credit to the actor/actress and the director!

i think enough for tonite.tomorrow i have to work and go to netball training after working hour.too tight for tomorrow.but i love to play netball rather to do my duty as the banker.hehehe.i hope, i fit already for the tournament on this more injured as before.goodnite everyone:D

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