Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Training and Pain

Salam Maulidur Rasul untuk semua:)
today, its a holiday:D i just love having my day at house but today im gonna see my very long-lost friend, Farhanis at Times Square. But before that, i want to write something about my yesterday-after-working activity. I went for netball training as usual but it's raining at first. We wait until 6.30 pm then we start our training. I feel very uncomfortable coz' my jaws seems moving here and there.it is painful!this is my first time i tighten my braces and for the first time i feel sooooooo pain!my colleague/team do ask me if i  can play or not. I'll be okay. No worries because netball is one of my favourite sport since i was in primary. I played for 5minute and i want to get   my braces check-up. it's too painful! I can't hold the pain anymore. I've been asked from my coach to stay rest outside the court. Too risky if im playing with this situation. Then, my coach and I have some talks about our strategy and she kept asking about my background, my family and many more. She did asked me whether i had any injuries during i join netball. I show her my left ankle and she seems so suprised. I told her it was my biggest injury. Actually it happened when i was in Form 2. its an old injury maybe but i just abandoned it until my final year at UKM. It happened when we had a friendly-match with other team. I slipped and i felt so pain at my ankle. I thought it just a minor-muscle-pain. but, that time, i'm wrong. It swollen and keep swollen! and i miss my final-year-netball match:( My coach said, if u have an injury, if u think that injury is the minor one, u r wrong. Supposedly i have to refer to sports doctor to check my ankle. and she advised me if i injured at the last minute, it is really waste for the team coz they have to find someone else to replace me. Then, my coach asked me what happened to my braces? i informed her that last sunday i went to tighten my braces and that was my first time. I cant bear the pain anymore! that's why i lost my focus on game. She ask me to rest coz' we have a game this coming saturday. I hope this pain will reduce a little bit . and i want to EAT! :(
*pray for me guys and SALAM MAULIDUR RASUL:)