Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reminisce Sweet Memories!

salam and hye all ! 

after a long rest, and having over-packed activity, i had some time to do some writing atlast ! phewww ! i just came back from JJ Wangsa Maju to redeem my voucher. Suddenly, i keep reminding about my study-life where i used to go to Jusco for shopping ! i've checked back all the pics, and i have tons of pics at Jusco with my friends! i love all my friends ! i really miss them now! i dont know why ! i really want to hug them now ! i started miss all of the memories with all of them. yesterday we shared all good and bad things together, but today, everyone has their own career and working-life ! i'm sooooo happy with all of our achievements after pushing ourselves in a hectic study life.  today, it's been almost 1 1/2 year i've been a working-lady. and i just felt, wow ! time running so fast ! if i can meet all of my friends, i just want to thank them for being such a good friend of mine ! i love u all ! if i had even a small mistake, pls do forgive me. sincere from the bottom of my heart ! let the pictures talking;)

*p/s my sayang already fly to umrah today. do pray for his safety :)


  1. Yesterday, history.
    Looking forward to create more n more sweet memories.
    Lucky, i still hv u around me =)