Saturday, January 5, 2013

Medan Part I

-before departure at LCCT-
-mun and fana in the plane-
-alhamdulillah, safely arrived at Medan-
-view from Medan Airport-
-Petronas and KFC-
-rumah sakit-
to have our breakfast
-our breakfast-
-the only petrol station there-

-Permatang Siantar-

-Danau Toba Lake-

-Tasik Danau Toba-

-fana and me-

-Masjid Raya Taqwa di Parapat-

-Samosir Island / Parapat-


-arrived at our hotel-
-Samosir Village Resort-

-Danau Toba's view from our room-

to be continued...


  1. Gambar capai makanan tu tersangatlah hampeh rupenya....hahahaha
    DELETE!!!! =P

  2. hahaha,, one of the nice shot tau x?:D

  3. hye...!lost a lots of update of u...since..everybody is make it their life so busy with commitment of work....wish u...full of blessing and all the wishlist will follow u one by life to the fullest...smiles.!!(^-^)