Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diari Hatiku !

assalam, hye all !

hari ni i dah start working. oh no !after a long rest, i feel sooooo lazy to start my work. i kept thinking my hometown and my family. i started to miss everything. i need my working spirit back ! plssss come back to me:D i left march with a quite good performance. but, for me, that was the great performance of mine during i'm with AMBANK:D i feel satisfied. happy. it was a great feeling ! :D now, i start to do a schedule-saving for upcoming Hari Raya.maybe all of you think that raya is still too far, but, for me, i learnt from my past which is i'm a bit clumsy to manage my money, my financial. so, i'll spend 20% from my salary everymonth to my Raya's saving starting this month. To be safe ya guys:D by the way, i didnt told you about my family's newcomer. Batrisya Humaira ! my niece ! my second's niece/ nephew. from my second cousin. she's so pure! Humaira' in Arab (putih kemerah-merahan) suits her well :D everything looks soooo beautiful ! Allah's creation !i have visited her on last saturday at Parit Panjang, Sik.her mom's sis-in-law:D my abang ngah seems cannot stay away from her daughter for one second ! so funny !hahaha:D i just thought to take some pictures of her, but my mum forbid me to do so. orang tua2 cakap takleh amek gambar newborn !? i'm asking why? she just kept silent. sighhh~ i want to share my niece with everyone, but i can't do so. maybe, later they will allow me to take her pics:D
also, my nephew, Hady, dah boleh merangkak laju-laju:D can stand already, and a bit to walk:D the most important is , he keep mumbling:D keep singing the Dumex theme song ! chumel ! yang best, sabtu aritu, his parent left him with us for the whole day. no crying at all ! tak meragam! like he knows how to take care of himself. independent. hehehehe. but, Hady, pls remember, we all loves u ! we were taking care of him for the whole day without any difficulties. He looks so happy in a crowded situation. with lots of people ! Eventho he looks so sleepy (mata pun dah kuyu), but, he refuse to sleep even for a while. hehehehe. yang penting! tak merengek !good boy ! when i'm holding him, he keep staring at my braces. feels weird maybe? my mum said," Hady pelik tengok gigi Cik Long kaler hijau" .hahahaha.
Saturday's night, we need to go back to our house. Because, my brothers need to go to school on Sunday ! (in Kedah, we go to school on Monday until Thursday. Friday is holiday). My boyfriend sending me home that night. My mum refuse to come along with us. She went back first with my brothers. After reached home, my boyfriend gave some 'buat tangan' from Madinah and Makkah. Allah! he gave me a sparkling Jubah ! and i love it !Thanks sayang !also, tasbih,kopiah and many more. Thanks sayang. My mum give a big smile !

i'm all alone at home. my mum going to market to buy some groceries. my brothers went to school. i called my boyfriend. he asked me out in the evening. i informed my mum. she just agreed. we decided to buy my bus ticket to KL first then,we having a long-time-not-eat pasembor !yeah !i like it !i tapau for my mum and his mum. i thought he will sending me home after that. but, he drive to Lahar Kepar (a state in Penang-seberang) !i'm asking him, where are we going? he just smiled! and noooo! Bihun Sup this time !oh nooooo! i dah kenyang :( dia kata, rasalah. memang sedap ! tapi, i kenyang. and tak habis:( i tapau for my brothers. sampai je rumah, my mum just geleng kepala. too many food. hehehehehe. "ampa ni asyik pi makan ja kan?" hehehehehe. nak buat macam mana mak? ni la aktiviti dating kami:D hahahaha.

on the nextday, i da nak pulang KL. feel so sad. taknak kalau boleh. tapi, i have no option. so, Selamat Tinggal Sg Petani !!!

*sorry guys !tiba-tiba nak put some diary note here. hehehehe.

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