Wednesday, April 6, 2011

toink toink toink !

assalam !
yatt is back !
after a very long holiday at my hometown, i'm back !
i balik rumah, i found a new bisnes which is i'm helping my mum jual tudung. handmade ye:D later, i will upload the pictures. inshaAllah, i will start to sell Kain Sulam ! nantikan kemunculannya
haaa ! by the way ! en kekasih dah pulang dari umrah;) he bought me a sparkling jubah ! i love it ! tq sayang. he said, his mother chose for me:) tq makcik:)
lately ni, internet korang oke x? my wimax getting slower:( tu yang kadang2 i malas nak update sebab kalau nak update blog je, internet slow. nak post new post pun takleh:( tapi takpe, hope internet connection semakin baik,,inshaAllah:) oke la korang. i got to go. need to do some work.

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