Sunday, December 18, 2011

KL here i come!


hi semua! :)

morning! how u all today? sihat ka? moga sihat dengan hendak-NYA. okay guys! kita mulakan hari kita dengan Bismillahirrahmanirrahim:)

Tomorrow is Monday! Monday blues la untuk semua yang bekerja. me too! tapi esok, i am going to KL. for a 2days course. we will stay at Star Point Hotel in Masjid Jamek. never seen the hotel before. but, i hope it will be better as Citin Hotel. the accommodation, the room, and the service is good! for me, semua tu dah cukup since we have yet to pay anything. everything is fully sponsored! from flight ticket to hotel, everything been sponsored! plus, we can claimed the meal allowance! that was the most wonderful part! :) ALHAMDULILLAH! 

Paling tak sabaq! nak jumpa my very best friend! yippie! 

*away for 2days! :)

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