Saturday, December 17, 2011

The New Me!


hi dear friends! i wish u all dalam kesihatan yang baik dan dilindungi oleh ALLAH dalam semua keadaan. okay, i know it's been a long time ago for not updating this blog. jawapan tetap sama, i am too busy. tapi the sincere answer is i am too LAZY! hehehe. atlast! the most correct and sincere answer has come out from myself:) okay! i admit my fault! :)

Before starts any topic, i want to apologize to all of u okay?

By the way, have u all watched Twilight The Breaking Dawn: Part I? i'm quite late to watch this sequel. however, still can watch that sequel after working hours on Friday! 

Am i too busy? hehehehe. that's the statement and comments i received from my closer friends and families. yeah! i know! i'm quite workaholic nowadays! okay. i'm not going to tell all of you what my job scope are, but, the summary of my job scope is i have to handle the financing for my branch. we need to cop up and speed up our learning process. the management level put a higher expectations on us. it's quite stressed and burdensome! but, i took it as a challenge! as i am realized that we are working in a company which is in a process to develop! 

okay! i am trying to balance up my life back as before. but, as i have been told from someone before, they pay more, they expects more! exactly! and i have no intention on changing or jump to other job anymore. i am going to stay and stick with the current company. that was my decision so far!:) hence, i'm going to settle down here! in kedah/ penang. 

But, sincerely, i'm missing my best friends so much! my closer friends so much! my social life(watching movies, bowling, karaoke) so much! but, i have to sacrifice weekend to my worklife! 
but, nevermind, i believe there must be a reason for something happen! inshaAllah! 

My very happiness moment is when my mother and my siblings are proud of me! i can see the smiling face on their face! and they thanked me! oh ALLAH! Terima kasih! saya bersyukur ke hadrat-MU Ya Allah! i always been remind from my mother. sentiasa bersyukur dgn rezeki yg Allah bagi. Manusia senang untuk bertaubat bila dalam kesusahan. tapi, manusia susah nak bersyukur bila dalam kesenangan. thank you for keeps reminding me. 

The happiest part is the wedding part! during our secondary school, my friends and I had set up a group named GOFOT (Girlhood of Fellowship, Oneself Together). biasala kan. zaman sekolah kan. seronok kan zaman sekolah dulu. in a group 10members, including me, we had so much fun during schools, after school, sports day, and hari kokurikulum. beli file sama jenis, different colours. macam2 la. time flies by. when, one by one from us, has married! happy! terharu! and paling penting, i just thought we are matured enough! best! hehehehe! semua da bekerjaya! alhamdulillah!
one of my happiness jugak tu. 

Not forgotten, my dearest friends during UKM! miss them really much! hope to see them again soon! 

Last but not least, i hope, i will be more rajin after this to update this blog! hehehe.

Thank you u all! love u! muahhh! assalamualaikum! 

Love, Yatt.


  1. Wow, ni macam merangkumi aktiviti ko sepanjang 2 bulan since ur last update on nov! hehe..
    Hope to see more post after this!

    Kawan2 n ur family members mesti faham punya kesibukan ko, but..get life! balance kan dengan masa untuk diri sendiri.. Masa muda tak lama =D

    Take care dear friend =)